Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate! We Love You!

Kate Moss: model, style icon, muse, mother, drug addict. Call her what you will but there is no denying that Kate Moss has been one of the most successful and influential models of all time. She is 35 today which marks 20yrs since landing her first modeling job for The Face.

Kate Moss kicked off her birthday celebration with an epic four day celebration with her usual circle of close and chic friends. Moss started at the posh Dorchester Hotel in London at one her favourite restaurants, the China Tang. After a reported nine hours of drinking and eating with her mother Linda, and boyfriend Jamie Hince she left the hotel at 4am with a bottle of wine and glass with her silver Rolls Royce waiting for her. She returned back at her million pound flat to be rested for the following night as the party had just begun. The following day crates of vodka, beer and champagne were being wheeled into her home. Along with a pig on a spit, antique chairs and a mounted deer head. Yet again, Peta won't be happy with Moss's medieval theme. The guests were treated to a performance by Lionel Richie. Who knew? The guest list included Jude Law's ex-wife, Sadie Frost, Stella McCartney, Noel Gallaghers ex-wife Meg Mathews, and Davinia Taylor. These friends of Kate have stood by her for years, proving Kate has more loyal friends then most for the moment celebrities.

Moss who rarely gives interviews, still lands the most coveted campaigns today. She is the face of the Versace Spring 2009 ads, shot by Mario Testino. Moss will also be the face of Longchamp, which she has been since Spring 06. She will also be shooting the Spring 09 campaign for best mate Stella McCartney. Just to name a few. Kate is without a doubt giving the younger models a run for their money. So why unlike so many models that come and go, has Kate had the staying power that she does? Even at an age where most industry insiders love to write off any model when they get to her age. Kate embodies what we all strive for: eternal youthfulness. She continues to work and seems to get better with age and nobody seems to be getting tired of looking at her.

Kate Moss has staying power because not only does she have that je ne sais quoi quality but because she creates trends and seems to be ahead of the curve. From her skinny jeans, tights, ankle boots, vests and rock and roll disheveled look she has everyone from British school girls to grown women copying her style. Even fellow celebs seem to be inspired by her look, ie. Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Richie. It only makes sense that she created her own line for British retailer Top Shop. Her partnership with Top Shop has been hugely successful and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Items have been known to sell out within moments of them going on sale.

Kate Moss’s life and image sells magazines, tabloids and fashion campaigns, so until she stops intriguing the public she won't be going anywhere for a very long time and it seems nobody is getting tired of her yet.

So Happy Birthday Kate! Stay beautiful and keep inspiring us!

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  1. Oh, Kate and her charmed life.
    Happy birthday indeed!
    Great post Paul. You've got flair fo sho, you and yo style.