Saturday, April 4, 2009

'Kiss My Ass' Stacey London

Whoopi sounded off on 'What Not To Wear' host Stacey London and TV Guide writer Ingela Ratledge, who Whoopi called an "anonyomous bitch." Whoopi unleashed on the women after they insulted her wardrobe, Stacey London saying Whoopi looks like she comes to work like she is on her way to Costco. Its obvious Whoopi is not inspiring too many people with her sartorial choices but it is clear that she is being herself. I like the fact that Whoopi is not trying to be something she's not and she proves to be an individual. I think Anna Wintour said it best when Barbara Walters asked her "what is fashion?" and Anna replied "Jeans and Tshirts can be equally as fashionable as an Oscar de la Renta Dress." So there you have it. Stacey London dresses people completely by the book and if everyone dressed by the rules then fashion would never evolve into what it is today. Just think, women would still not be allowed to wear pants if someone didn't go against the grain.

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