Saturday, April 11, 2009

OMFG Cassie!

Cassie is a model, R&B singer and sometimes rumored girlfriend of Diddy, she showed off her new edgy look with a half shaved head. Cassie first posted the pics on her Twitter account then later debuted her new cut at club Promenade in New York City on Friday. She wrote on her Twitter account saying "Sometimes in life, you need a change." I find it interesting when anyone does something different or surprises people. I like it but in the celeb obsessed world we live in I question her motive and think possible publicity stunt? Cassie will probably be labelled as a risk taker or cutting edge but in reality if you look at the pics she has her hair parted so it could easily fall over and keep her shaved hair hidden.

Cassie before

Good times


  1. I give Cassie points for trying, but you know she looked in the mirror a couple days after and was like OMG..what the fck did i do??

  2. its pathetic that people can take the piss out of Britney when they arent perfect themselfs. if they were perfect, they definetly wouldnt judge her.
    It cant be easy to be Britney

  3. Wooo, go me.
    i made i point :D