Thursday, April 2, 2009

Politically Correct Style

The First Lady, Michelle Obama is being touted as the new fashion icon. We have been following her every fashion move she makes and approving of everything she wears. Michelle embodies classic beauty, sophistication and timeless style. While I'm being completely enthralled into all of Michelle's monumental fashion moments I couldn't help but remember the political style icons before her. The style icons attached to political figures that had you forgetting about things like the G20 summit and made you more interested in what designer they chose to wear. Some of Hollywood's over-stylized actresses should take a lesson from these women.

Carolyn Bessette (1966-1999)

I still remember that Saturday morning when John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane went missing off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. John's wife Carolyn Bessette was on the plane with her sister Lauren. Their plane crashed reportedly because of poor flight conditions. The plane was found days later. Carolyn was only 33.

Carolyn was voted the "Ultimate Beautiful Person"in high school and worked for Calvin Klein in the PR department. Carolyn was called the next Jackie and was intensely private. Her understated glamour and sophisticated nature was adored by the fashion world and she was hunted relentlessly by the media. Carolyn's life was over too quickly.
Her effortless beauty and polished look was elegant and she proved less is more.
The photos below were taken over 10 years ago and any of the looks could still be worn today.

Carolyn's good friend Narciso Rodriguez designed her wedding dress. The dress made a name for the young designer at the time.

Princess Diana 1961-1997

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 1929-1994